Before your car comes to Top Stitch Interiors:

  • Have an appointment

    Please call or email us well in advance of desired scheduling as during peak times, and depending on the extent of work requested, we maybe scheduling weeks to months out.

  • Deposits

    We require a deposit in most cases to secure appointments and/or order materials. Due to the demand for our services, charging a deposit helps to ensure our scheduled times are not consumed by customers that won’t follow through.

  • Pricing

    Written estimates are valid for 6 months. Pricing estimates given via phone or email are approximate and may vary once a visual inspection is completed. Once your vehicle arrives at Top Stitch Interiors any changes to pricing due to labor hours, materials or additional work determined necessary, will be discussed and agreed upon before proceeding.

  • Deadlines

    In general, and to ensure the highest quality and integrity of our work, we will not guarantee a finish date for a complete interior. All things worthwhile take time!

  • Vehicle Readiness

    • Know what type of material (leather, vinyl, cloth), color and look (custom or stock/simple or complex) you want.
    • We recommend using Sound Deadener. Both the floor and firewall should be sealed. Top Stitch Interiors offers several high-quality varieties of products by StP-Atlantic for purchase at your option. These are 100% pure butyl (no asphalt – so will not smell or crack).
    • Interior work should be the last component of your project car. The car should be running, driving & broken in; paint work completed; brakes, steering, exhaust finished; stereo, speakers & amplifier installed (unless we are doing the audio work) and air conditioning completed.
    • Ask us if Glass should be in or out – this varies per vehicle/extent of work.
    • Please bring Sill Plates with the car whether custom or stock.
    • If you are using an under the car Master Cylinder, PLEASE consider using a remote reservoir on the firewall, mounted behind a panel or in the trunk. This will prevent the need to cut a hole in your new carpet!